0,5 L Glass Bottle / 330 g

Bottles are designed in Denmark and made in Italy. The bottle’s stopper is made of a cork material called Sughera. Made of micro-agglomerate, Sughera is perfectly sterilised and does not contain any glue. In addition to being environment-friendly, Sughera is the most health-friendly and, of course, food grade stopper that, unlike its competitors, does not release chemical polyurethane glue into the contents of the bottle. The Sughera stopper can withstand up to +50°C and can go in the dishwasher and is today’s most sustainable cork stopper with a long life. 

Use Bottle as a carafe for grains, oil, and milk. Both the bottle and stopper can go in the dishwasher and the stopper forms a 100% seal so do not be afraid to lie the bottle down in the fridge if it contains liquid.

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